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Are you passionate about wildlife, especially the world of birds? Want to learn about the items to prepare when raising and caring for parrots? At the International Parrotlet Society, you will find people with similar interests. 

A team of professionals founded the International Parrotlet Society with a shared interest in the natural world, especially parrots. We work together to tell stories about our favorite pets and our experiences caring for them. 

After meticulous editing, highly technical articles on parrot care and training are brought to readers. 

We are always concerned about the difficulties our readers face. 

And we’ve always wondered: How can we help our readers get the best parrot care experience? And how to provide readers with valuable knowledge so that training parrots are no longer challenging?

To answer the above questions, our team is always happy to share their pet care journey and helpful advice.

What You Can Find On This Website?

You can trust that everything you read on the International Parrotlet Society is the experience of experts thoroughly tested and evaluated. 

The content on the website is quite diverse, meeting the learning needs of both beginners and professional readers. 

On the website, you will find answers to questions like how cockatoos usually poop, how you can train a parrot, their molting process, mating, and more.

Answering the most frequently asked questions, the International Parrotlet Society also includes articles on how to prepare a healthy menu for parrots and how to train birds with the essential tools.

Parrot food reviews are an integral part of the International Parrotlet Society. We always mention the advantages and disadvantages of a product, helping you make the most accurate decision. 

Whenever you need to learn about equipment for the care and maintenance of parrots, pigeons, and many other pets, visit the International Parrotlet Society. The in-depth reviews of foods, nutrition, and essentials on the site will help. 

Our Team

Cindy Herrera: founder

She’s spent years learning about different bird breeds. She always gives valuable advice that any macaw or pigeon owner should consult. 

And you will certainly enjoy the story of her more than ten years of caring for Cockatiel. 

Chang Herrera, editor 

Chang Herrera is an expert in wildlife training. She is also the author of many articles on the activity and behavior of parrots published in leading newspapers. 

Will Brantley, editor 

Will Brantly contributes to the International Parrotlet Society by reviewing and sharing features about items for your parrot’s upbringing and training. 

But the comment, his guide promises to help you spend less time choosing but still find really useful items

Phil Bourjaily, editor 

Phil Bourjaily is an expert on nutrition for children birds. He has more than 20 years of experience raising birds, including parrots. And you can completely trust the nutritional menus he suggests. 

Richard Mann, editor 

Richard Mann spent many years studying bird health. He always explains scientific questions like what causes macaws to swell and die, why Budgie faces the wall, and more.

Contact Us

International Parrotlet Society is oriented to be the first website that comes to mind every time you need a reliable source for bird care, especially parrots. With our website, you will find all the tools you need to help with your hobby. 

If you are interested in learning more about parrots and other wildlife species, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team of experts is always happy to answer all your questions.

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