why do parrots scream in the morning

Why Do Parrots Scream In The Morning? Here’s Why!

You may be asking this question – why do parrots scream in the morning? Perhaps you have been recently hearing your pet scream first thing in the morning, or some time during the day. Although parrots are known to be quite loud and boisterous, there are certain reasons why they may be screaming during the […]

do parrots snore when they sleep

Do Parrots Snore When They Sleep? Find Out Here!

This is a curious question – Do parrots snore when they sleep? So, you may have seen some funny videos or heard from your friends stories about their pets snoring such as their dogs and maybe even cats. Now, you wonder if the same is true with parrots. If you are wondering what the answer

parrotlet wing clipping

Parrotlet Wing Clipping – Is It Good Or Bad?

When adopting a parrotlet and keeping one as a pet, you may be faced with the possibility or thought of doing a parrotlet wing clipping. There are some people who realize the value of this practice. But for some, they do not consider this as kind. In fact, it may even be viewed as cruel

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