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why is my cockatiel making weird squeaky noises
Cockatiel, Training & Behavior

Why Is My Cockatiel Making Weird Squeaky Noises? Updated Knowledge to Care for Beloved Pet

Have you ever wondered, “Why is my cockatiel making weird squeaky noises?”. If you are a cockatiel owner, you are likely familiar with the melodic chirps and whistles that these charming birds produce. However, it is not uncommon for cockatiels to occasionally make unusual squeaky noises. This leaves pet owners puzzled about their feathered friend’s […]

do cockatiels need a friend
Cockatiel, Training & Behavior

Do Cockatiels Need a Friend? Understanding the Social Needs of Cockatiels

Do cockatiels need a friend? Cockatiels are highly social parrots that form close-knit flocks in the wild. As such, these intelligent feathered companions benefit greatly from the company of other cockatiels. While it’s possible to keep a solo cockatiel, providing a friend can better meet their psychological and behavioral needs. Understanding a cockatiel’s natural social

budgie died with eyes open
Budgie, Training & Behavior

Understanding Why Budgie Died with Eyes Open: A Comprehensive Guide

The world of budgie ownership is a realm of joy, companionship, and unique connections. Budgie enthusiasts understand the significance of being attuned to their feathered companions’ health and behavior. Yet, one enigmatic and concerning observation that sometimes leaves budgie owners perplexed is witnessing that their cherished budgie died with eyes open. In this comprehensive guide,

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