Is Your Cockatiel Making Squeaking Noises? Here’s Why!

Do you observe your cockatiel making squeaking noises?

You may have heard of this just recently, or perhaps it has been happening intermittently. But whatever the frequency may be, it can be a concern when you are not quite used to your pet doing this.

And so, this leaves you wondering if there is anything wrong with your cockatiel. If so, keep reading to have a better understanding of why this happens and what you can do about it.

Cockatiel Making Squeaking Noises

cockatiel making squeaking noises

Some people ask about the reason why their cockatiel makes squeaking noises. This appears much like a crying sound, just like when a human baby cries. Moreover, it appears to be nonstop, which can go on for several hours.

In fact, there are some cockatiels that produce this sound even while they eat. This may even be followed by the head bobbing up and down. There are some cockatiel owners that respond to this gesture by picking their pet up and cuddling them, just like what you do with a baby that is crying. In some cases, this would quiet the bird down. But other times, it would not help.

Now, this makes you concerned if there is something wrong with your pet or if it is getting the right food or nutrition it needs. And most importantly, you just want to be sure your cockatiel is fine and would stop making such concerning, squeaking sounds.

Experts say that it takes time for some cockatiels to be more accustomed to their new environment. And so, they can go on for hours making these squeaking noises just as when a baby begs for attention. For instance, it may be possible that your pet is begging for something, which explains the head bobbing. Self-feeding in combination with the bobbing is the bird’s means of pacifying itself.

What To Do

cockatiel making squeaking noises

If you notice your cockatiel making squeaking noises, you can start by contacting the breeder or the pet shop where you got your pet from. Then, ask if the bird has been hand-fed for a while. The thing about hand-feeding birds is that it keeps them tamed. Moreover, some people do this when the bird begs. 

While there is nothing wrong with this, it can most certainly cause the bird to be dependent on hand-feeding. And the cockatiel may not be dependent on its formula, but it just chooses to have some since the food is easily available this way, anyway. 

However, if the bird was not hand-fed, you may want to ask the pet shop the age in which the bird was weaned. Or perhaps, it was previously sold and then returned to the shop. There is also a possibility that the bird was weaned earlier, and it did not happen at the right time. 

In the case of a cockatiel weaned quickly, it may have needed more time. So, they tend to self-feed because of hunger. But at the same time, this impacts their behavior and leads to some insecurity issues. Hence, they may produce squeaking noises because of this.

What you can do is to practice re-weaning your pet. This is done by purchasing a hand-feeding formula. Then, you can supplement your self-feeding with this formula to slowly wean your pet.

You may also want to know if the breeder or shop used a spoon or a syringe for the hand-feeding process. If so, you should use this same technique for consistency. Use some abundance weaning process and then hand-feed in the evening and morning. 

During the day, give your pet some pellets before you give the formula. Add in some soft food such as rice and chopped veggies. You may also provide thick formula in a tiny cup and give your pet the food. Be sure to give your cockatiel some privacy as it eats. The goal is to make sure that your pet does not hear or see you for an hour while eating. 

Afterwards, you can enter the room and hand-feed your pet. It is possible for your cockatiel to still choose the formula for some weeks but eventually, it will stop begging for it. 

You can also give some nutritious ingredients to provide a balanced diet. Mix a special formula of seeds to the mix and be sure that your pet is okay with the food and not having some digestive upset.

Lastly, you can consult an avian vet for your pet. Take your cockatiel for a check up because it may also be possible that it has some kind of infection. This may be the reason why your pet is constantly hungry and begging for food. And this can explain the squeaking noises. 

The most important thing is to get everything checked with your bird, rule out some diseases, and be sure to re-wean it with the techniques we have just mentioned.

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Wrapping Up

There are many reasons behind a cockatiel making squeaking noises. It may be because of a poor weaning process, or it can also be due to a mild infection. With all these things in mind, be sure to check in with your vet why your pet is having this condition to ensure the proper techniques necessary.

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