Why Does My Cockatiel Scream When I Leave The Room? Here’s Why!

We have heard a few people ask this question – “Why does my cockatiel scream when I leave the room?”

Perhaps you are on your way out the door when suddenly, you hear your pet scream out loud.

Is this something to be concerned about? Or is it just a normal situation?

If you are confused about why this happens, or it bothers you so much since you worry about your pet, keep reading. Today, we’ll discuss the reasons why your pet cockatiel screams when you leave the room and what you can do about it.

why does my cockatiel scream when i leave the room

Why Does My Cockatiel Scream When I Leave The Room?

Cockatiels are vocal creatures that communicate with their owners – and other birds – through their voices. You can even teach them some words, which is part of the fun of owning this bird species.

However, when you hear your pet scream the moment you leave the room, you may be asking yourself what could be wrong with it.

This may cause some annoyance to some, while for others, it may be rather concerning. After all, cockatiels are not supposed to scream or create such sounds, right?

So, let’s have a look at a few reasons why your pet screams when you leave the room and what you can do about it.

1. Calling

Birds in the wild communicate through screaming, which is also called contact calling. So, if you hear your pet scream, it may mean that it is waiting for the flock to return the sound and guide them. Thus, your pet may be waiting for you to return the scream as an instinctual behavior.

In this case, there is nothing to worry about and your pet is not in pain or agony when it screams.

2. Separation anxiety

Just like with other household pets such as cats and dogs, cockatiels may suffer from separation anxiety when their owner leaves them. Once they have bonded with you really well, they become attached and accustomed to having you around. So, the sight of you leaving can cause them to be anxious and sad. 

Perhaps they are thinking that if they scream and you come back to calm them down, then that will cause you to stay. However, this does not always work, especially when you really have somewhere to go.

3. Boredom

In some cases, cockatiels simply scream when you leave because they are getting bored. They have too much energy that they need to let out, and so they want you to play and spend some time with them. 

If your pet is not getting its quality time with you, then it would be worth creating a schedule that involves them more. Then, perhaps, they will not be as bored. Moreover, this may stop them from getting into the habit of screaming each time you leave the room. 

4. Fear

In other instances, your pet bird may be overwhelmed with fear – whether there is a real threat or just an imagined one – and it is looking for someone to protect it. Thus, when you leave the room and your cockatiel is all alone, there is a great fear swelling up inside it. 

What You Can Do

Now that you know why your cockatiel screams when you leave the room, it is time to discover the different techniques that can stop this behavior.

If the screaming is because of separation anxiety, you can try talking to your pet and reassuring it that you won’t be gone too long. You can also teach your pet the phrase “I’ll be back”, which it can repeat over and over until it realizes what it means.

For instance, before you leave the room, repeat the command and have your pet say it back. The more you say this to your cockatiel, the more it can get the connection between the phrase and your actual intention of coming back and not leaving it for a long time.

As for cockatiels that scream because of boredom, then you can provide some stimulating toys and games that will keep it entertained and occupied when you are away. Some challenging puzzles and the like will help your pet have more to do instead of getting bored when no one’s in the room.

If the cause of screaming is the excess energy your pet is trying to let out, then you can give your cockatiel more exercise throughout the day. This is a way to release all that pent-up and stored energy, which can eventually become a source of anxiety or uneasiness.

Separation Anxiety With Cockatiels

Cockatiels are social creatures that get attached to their flock and their mate. With this in mind, social interaction means a lot to them to keep them happy. So, when they don’t have a mate, they turn to their owners for friendship and dependency. 

But the sad thing is that these birds end up suffering from separation anxiety each time you leave. It could come in the form of screaming each time you leave the room or in feather picking. 

If you have neighbors, it won’t take long until they start complaining if your pet is a bit too noisy during the day when you are away.

Thus, it is important to resolve this separation anxiety in your pet. Giving it a bigger cage with plenty of toys should help. In some cases, having a cage mate may be worth a try, so your pet is not all alone.

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Wrap Up

If you ever wondered why your cockatiel screams when you leave the room, so many factors come into play in this situation. Your pet may be bored, afraid, or having some anxiety each time you go away.

With these things in mind, it helps to address the cause of this habit with the right techniques as we have shared. Not only will it help your pet and you, but it can also stop the loud noise that may be a source of annoyance for your neighbors!

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