Are Parrotlets Good Pets? Interesting Facts You Should Know

You may be curious to know the answer to this question – are parrotlets good pets?

Maybe you are looking to own one but first, you want to make sure that they are indeed a good fit if you plan on keeping them as a pet.

If so, then you have come to the right place. We will discuss what to expect when it comes to keeping a parrotlet as a pet and whether it is worth it or not. Here we go!

are parrotlets good pets

Are Parrotlets Good Pets?

The quick and simple answer to this question is a yes – they most certainly are.

Parrotlets are sweet creatures and they are also very small, which is why you will not have any problem keeping them as a pet even if you have a moderate space in your home. These birds may be tiny but they have a big personality, which you will adore.

They are bold creatures that can be feisty, yet when they have bonded with you really well, they will love you forever. Moreover, you can easily teach these birds some tricks such as the ability to talk and follow some basic commands. No wonder there are so many people who have fallen in love with the unique charm of these birds. 

As for the species of such birds, there is the green rumped parrotlet and the Pacific parrotlet. They are among the most common species of these birds that are a delight to own.

These are very friendly birds that love interaction and people. But if you are still learning the ropes as to how to train one, then you should start by socializing your parrotlet and handling it regularly. This is one way to prevent these birds from becoming aggressive since they can be aloof and difficult to be with when left alone for a long time. 

If you prefer a more gentle parrotlet species, then that is the green-rumped parrotlet. It is quite affectionate and does well with daily interaction and handling. But regardless of the species, these birds enjoy playtime and lots of activity. However, they can be a tad noisy, so that is one thing for you to keep in mind.

If you have never owned a bird before, parrotlets are a good start for you. They can be easy to be with, yet have a tendency to be noisy, especially when they are bored. But you will be delighted by their ability to repeat words they hear and learn new tricks that will surely entertain you.

Caring For A Parrotlet 

If you have decided to own a parrotlet, you may be wondering how to care for one. The good news is that these birds are actually not hard to care for. They love to play and even if they are actually quite small, they still require more space considering their high activity level.

With this in mind, you should give your pet a roomy cage where it can explore, play and have a more comfortable experience. Plenty of toys that are stimulating mentally can also be a good addition to their cage. Since these are intelligent birds, they require stimulation to ward off excess energy that may otherwise cause them to become destructive when not allowed to do any activity.

Now, parrotlets are territorial birds. This is why they require a big cage (in addition to them being active). They are not happy with having another bird in the cage. In fact, even if it is their mate, they would much rather have the entire space for themselves. This is why you should have separate cages for the two parrotlets you would like to get.

Another thing about a parrotlet is that it prefers to be in the center of the action. Some birds would rather be away from people but this bird likes to be in a high-traffic location in your home. So, the more they see people, the more they like it. Just make sure that you do not place their cage in the kitchen or any area in your home that gets a lot of smoke or fumes. This is highly toxic to parrotlets and can be quite fatal to them, as well.

When it comes to feeding your parrotlet, it is best to provide them nutritional pellets. They do thrive in this type of diet, yet they also do well with fresh vegetables and fruits. The most important thing is that you keep their fresh produce chopped finely to avoid choking issues.

To supplement your parrotlet and make sure that it gets ample calcium supply, you should also provide cuttlebone for it to chew on. Then, make it a point to have fresh water in the cage, which they can drink and also for bathing purposes.

Important Pointers To Keep In Mind

You may be wondering if you should get another parrotlet instead of just one just to provide your pet with some company. 

When in the wild, parrotlets are able to develop strong and even lifetime bonds with their mates. If you get a companion bird for your pet, this may prevent more interaction with you. But it may not entirely be a bad thing, especially if you are a very busy person and do not have a lot of time to interact with your pet.

A large cage should be good, and it is best to test it out first since many parrotlets would rather be alone. So, socialize them slowly and regularly until they are used to being with each other. 

As for other pets in the house, it is expected that your parrotlet may not be able to get along well with these household pets. Parrotlets are territorial by nature, this is why they may end up attacking your other pets – even if they are much smaller than these feathered friends. 

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Wrap Up

Parrotlets make excellent pets because of their lively character and lovable personality. You can find these birds for about $150 to as much as $350, depending on the species. Overall, you should not have a hard time with these winged cuties because they are trainable, adaptable, and affectionate traits.

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