Budgie Putting Foot On Other Budgie? Quirks Of Budgies Explained!

Do you notice a budgie putting foot on other budgie?

Should you be concerned? Is it a sign of a problem?

Budgies have unique personalities and some bizarre quirks that make you wonder why they do a certain thing. But this is just a part of their charm – and it is good to have a better understanding of why they do something to help you appreciate them more.

Today, we will uncover the interesting reason why they put their foot on another budgie – and whether it is a bad thing or not. Here goes!

budgie putting foot on other budgie

Budgie Putting Foot On Other Budgie – Why This Happens

Budgies are competitive creatures. They like to get what they want and make sure the other birds are aware of it.

No wonder we see these birds bickering over trivial things such as their food, perches, toys, and even their space. It is pretty much a normal thing… A day in the life of a little budgie.

But there are instances when it makes you worry that your budgie is no longer being playful. Perhaps you have seen your one budgie put its foot on another budgie. Then, you start to think if their simple, innocent playtime has escalated quickly into something worrisome.

Just like with cats, two budgies playing and fighting sometimes look the same. Well, sometimes. They may be chasing each other, or sometimes pecking at another bird’s foot, and so many other playful actions. 

This is why it is important to decode the meaning of these actions, so you will not end up letting two birds fight (if they were really fighting) or simply let them play (if they are indeed just being silly and playful with each other).

Now, the first step to determine the meaning behind an action is to have an understanding of what your bird is like when being aggressive and when merely being playful. For example, a sign of aggression with budgies may be simple such as vocalizing a lot and even getting physical – but with the absence of hostility.

When your pet budgie has a raised wing, it is quite similar to when a person raises his or her fist as a way of saying they are ready to fight. Hissing is also observed, as well as biting the foot of the other bird. This is common when one budgie wants the other to get off of its perch.

Now, there are also other very obvious signs of aggression such as chasing. If you notice your budgie chasing the other one a lot, it is most definitely an aggressive behavior. You may also hear some loud squawking and screaming, which sound violent. It is not your normal squawking sound but quite distinct and clearly sounding defiant and angry.

Then, there is the classic wrestling on the cage floor. It is a very serious thing that you would not like to keep going since this can very well lead to injuries, especially if the other bird is clearly bigger and more powerful than the other. If you do not break up the fight quickly, this can result in serious issues.

To add to these signs of aggression, you may start to wonder why your one budgie places its foot against the other budgie. Perhaps not on the head but more like the chest or tummy portion of the latter. You may usually observe this among male budgies, which may happen regularly even at the start of their day or some time during the day.

You may wonder what the reason is for such behavior, or if there is a need to separate these birds. As an observer, you worry that it is one bird’s way of showing the other who’s boss and who’s more powerful.

Now, this is nothing more than the dominant bird showing its power to the other. Perhaps, there is some rivalry happening here, so the bird who puts the foot on the other’s chest is seeing the latter as a rival. This is why some people recommend getting another bird to break up the rivalry. 

But then again, it may not always be a practical route, especially if you are not keen to get a bigger cage for more birds. Plus, you may simply just be content with having two budgies. So, what you can do is by separating them for a couple of days. This will ease out the rivalry and get used to the distance. However, it most definitely will not cause them to miss each other. 

Yet, if after putting them back in the cage, you still notice the same behavior, then there is nothing left to do but to get separate cages for each budgie. Then, put the cages on opposite areas of the house. It should solve your problem quickly and simply.

To look at this behavior, it is totally normal. One budgie is simply being playful and showing the other that it is better in all accord. However, if this gesture escalates into something serious such as wrestling, attacking each other, or pecking each other, then you should definitely separate the two birds. 

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Should You Be Worried?

Budgies are playful creatures with unique personalities. They may preen one another’s beaks and faces, or even see the feathers fluffed up with eyes closed. This is a sign that they are enjoying the grooming session.

Or, there may be some light pecking or slight bumping happening. There is nothing serious about this at all since both birds are just being playful to each other. As an outsider you may not see anything loving about this gesture, yet you should not worry – your birds are perfectly fine.

However, when they put one foot on another budgie, it may start off as a friendly gesture that can become a worrisome thing, especially when the other feels attacked and starts to retaliate. So, make it a point to observe your pets’ behavior closely and you should be able to tell when things are still “normal” or it is time for human intervention and separate them permanently.

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