Causes Of A Budgie Swollen Bottom Issue – And What You Can Do About It

A budgie swollen bottom may be worrisome for many people. After all, it is not supposed to be puffy or even reddish.

So, if you are noticing these symptoms in your pet, then it helps to have a closer look at it to understand better what this means.

Today, we’ll cover some reasons behind a budgie with a swollen bottom and what can be done to address these issues.

budgie swollen bottom

Budgie Swollen Bottom – Possible Reasons 

When there is swelling on your budgie’s bottom, the skin will appear to be stretched out. There may also be no feathers on it, which is most definitely unlike what the normal condition appears.

Aside from these signs, the bottom may also seem puffy and with a tinge of red. These are common symptoms with female budgies that have a swollen bottom. But with male ones, it is not only reddish, but it will eventually feel cool to the touch and can become brownish when untreated for an extended period of time.

Now, there are many reasons why the bottom may swell up. For instance, it could be a rectal prolapse, especially when the symptom also includes other signs such as diarrhea or stomach upset. When your pet strains each time it poops, the bottom may swell.

If this is what your pet is dealing with, you should not only address the swelling, but be sure to get the diarrhea treated. Since there are many reasons why diarrhea occurs, you should visit your vet to learn more about the causes and solutions to this problem. 

Moreover, your vet will also be able to provide the best course of treatment for a swollen bottom.

Aside from a rectal prolapse, there is also a possibility of a prolapsed cloaca in your budgie when the bottom is swollen. Whether your pet is a male or a female, this condition is quite serious and can be fatal. 

So, if you suspect that your pet has this issue, it is best to immediately seek medical attention for your budgie. 

Now, prolapsed cloaca causes the uterus, intestines, or cloaca to be exposed. This is why it is something that requires immediate assistance. 

What Is a Prolapsed Cloaca in a Budgie?

This is a very serious and life-threatening condition. It can occur in either males or females. When this happens, the intestines, uterus, or the cloaca become exposed. Thus, it is a very risky condition that needs urgent treatment.

There are a few symptoms of a prolapsed cloaca. For instance, here are some of the most common:

  • Appetite loss
  • Fluffed out feathers
  • Absence of bird droppings
  • Soiled feathers in the vent area
  • Lethargy
  • Horrible odor from the vent
  • Strained breathing
  • Blood inside droppings
  • Straining when pooping

It is quite obvious to know when your bird is suffering from a prolapsed cloaca since it appears to be a large mass that sticks out of the budgie vent. If you let this persist, the cloaca will end up getting infected and will dry out.

Just make it a point that the affected area stays clean and keep it moist as you wait to take your pet to the vet. Once your bird has received medical attention, the vet should be able to know how to deal with this condition. In fact, some stitches may be required, and this is something that only a qualified doctor will be able to administer.

It is also important to provide warm fluids to your pet. Keep your budgie warm as the trauma can cause it to be hypothermic. Hence, by keeping it warm, you are allowing it to stay in a favorable condition until the vet arrives.

Another reason for a budgie with a swollen bottom is when it is carrying eggs. Aside from the bottom swelling and less pooping, there may also be bigger droppings and an obvious bump that is soft and tender to the touch, located in the vent area.

When your female budgie has been bred, there should be fertilized eggs inside her body. She should be able to lay eggs in 8 to 10 days at the most. But if she fails to lay these eggs, you need to contact an avian vet for assistance. 

Make it a point to monitor her condition to prevent any complications. Furthermore, you should have an avian vet standing by. This is very important if your bird is at risk of further health or emergency concerns.

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Wrapping Up

When your budgie has a swollen bottom, there are many reasons to consider as to why this happens. Sometimes, it may be due to a female having been bred, but in some cases more serious illnesses are linked with a swollen bottom such as a rectal prolapse or a prolapsed cloaca. These are very concerning issues with a budgie, which you should never ignore.

There are many signs of these medical conditions that will let you know easily if such problems do occur. However, some of these symptoms may be confused with other issues – some may be milder or not a cause of concern. Yet, only an avian vet should be able to tell by conducting a series of tests and checks to your pet.

With all these things in mind, it is best to never delay the need to take your pet to the vet. In the case of serious ailments, these can quickly develop and progress, which can even be a life-threatening situation for a budgie. 

A day or even an hour of delaying treatment can make a huge difference – and it is a matter of life or death to your pet. Hence, make sure that you take a look at some symptoms we have shared in this post and check if your pet is going through any of them. Then, be sure to have an avian vet’s specialized assistance to alleviate all of these problems.

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