Can Parrotlets Eat Bananas? Important Facts You Need To Know

So you may be asking this question – Can parrotlets eat bananas?

You are probably wondering if it is safe to give your pet this fruit. Or if it will only do more harm than good to your beloved parrotlet.

Geneally, parrotlets are social fellows that enjoy sharing snacks and food with their owners. But do keep in mind that there are certain foods that are unsafe for your feathered friend. This is why you should be careful when feeding your pet with just about any food. Otherwise, it may do more harm than good to its body.

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at feeding parrotlets bananas and whether it is a good idea or not. Let’s get right into it.

can parrotlets eat bananas

Can Parrotlets Eat Bananas?

We will be very direct with you – the answer is yes, parrotlets should not have any problem eating a banana. You should even make it a part of your pet’s daily diet, especially if it is not getting enough nutrients from its food. Unlike other types of fruits, bananas are perfectly safe for these birds and should not cause some health risks.

Bananas are rich in various nutrients. For example, it is loaded with vitamin A, which is important for your pet’s eye health, as well as in maintaining a healthy immune system. It also supports a healthy reproductive system while at the same time keeping the feathers strong, healthy, and shiny. 

Many birds suffer from vitamin A deficiency, this is why they may be prone to certain symptoms including swollen eyes, wheezing, weight loss, infections, and dull feathers. By giving your pet some bananas, you can support its vitamin A needs and give it a fun, tasty treat.

Now, another vitamin that bananas contain is vitamin B6. It is important because it helps support your parrotlet’s nerves and muscles. You also need to provide B-complex vitamins on a daily basis since these are typically excreted by the body, so it gets lost often.

Next up, bananas also contain magnesium. It is an essential vitamin to ensure strong beaks, nerve impulses, and healthy feathers. Your pet also needs magnesium to keep muscle coordination in check while attaining a healthy heart, as well as neurons.

Then of course, there is iron. Bananas contain some iron, which is an important mineral to help produce hemoglobin. This allows the blood to transport oxygen throughout the body. But at the same time, too much iron is not good. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, too little can lead to anemia. This is why striking the perfect balance of iron is important for your pet’s optimum health. 

Now what about banana peel, you may ask. Is it okay to feed your parrotlet some banana peel? Well, birds can most definitely eat the peel of a banana, yet it is not highly recommended. It is not because of the peel, per se, but it is what may be on it. For example, many of our fresh produce have been sprayed with pesticides. The chemical in the fruit’s skin can wreak havoc to your pet’s health.

This is why even if you carefully wash the banana skin, there may still be some remnants of pesticide in it. When ingested, it is most definitely bad news for your pet. So, you may as well give your parrotlet organic bananas since you can rest assured there is no pesticide in it. 

But just the same, make sure that you wash the skin well to get rid of any residue on it.

How About Banana Chips?

So, if bananas are okay for parrotlets, then what about banana chips?

These are tasty snacks for humans and you probably like it enough that you want to share it with your pet. 

Banana chips are delectable because of their sweetness. But the reason for the sweetness is all those added sugars in it. Unfortunately, sugar is not healthy – even for us humans. Extra sugar, that is.

If you feed your parrotlet with an ounce of these tasty banana chips, that would mean giving your pet a whopping 16 grams or so of sugar. When your pet gets too much refined sugar, this is most definitely not healthy and can lead to a host of health issues and deficiencies. This is why we do not recommend it. 

Plus, sugar can promote certain infections. The digestive, nervous, and endocrine system may reduce their performance, which is why certain health conditions may arise such as gout, cancer, high cholesterol levels, feather picking, obesity, and anxiety. Your parrotlet may also become irritable because of the spike in sugar levels. 

With that being said, banana chips may have some good stuff in it such as fiber and potassium, yet the refined sugars in these snacks do not make these healthier. So, skip the banana chips and just stick to fresh bananas, and it should be all good. If you like to feed dried bananas without added sugar, however, it may be a better alternative to banana chips.

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Feeding Parrotlets Raw Bananas

Let’s take a look at these points once again. 

Raw bananas are good for your pet because of the nutrients in them. If you plan on giving bananas to your parrotlet, it is best to give these to them raw. Once cooked, the nutritional content becomes less, which is why it is not ideal.

You should also opt for organic bananas when you intend to give your pet some banana peel. We also recommend green or raw bananas instead of ripe since these are lower in the starch content.

Since starch is converted into sugar, it becomes difficult to be digested by your pet. So, opt for green bananas. The less starchy it is, the better and the more digestible it is.

Plantains are also good options and even better because of the low starch content. These are also nutritious because of all the essential vitamins and minerals in them. 

So there you have it – feeding your parrotlets bananas is perfectly okay as long as you stick to raw, organic, and give it to them uncooked for more nutritive value!

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