Can You Potty Train A Cockatiel? Steps You Can Try!

So here’s a curious question many people ask – can you potty train a cockatiel?

Perhaps you are tired of seeing droppings just about anywhere in the cage. And so, you are done with the mess and would rather have your pet go potty in a certain place – and in that place alone.

Is potty training a cockatiel possible? If so, what are the steps you need to know?

Discover the answer to these questions and some useful tips you can try today!

can you potty train a cockatiel

Can You Potty Train A Cockatiel?

You can most definitely do it! Cockatiels require attention and you would want to make sure that you minimize the time spent on cleaning the cage. However, this may not be possible if your bird leaves droppings every single place.

So, instead of having more time to give your pet for playtime and bonding, you take up some time cleaning after your pet. This is why the question on whether you can potty train your bird is an important one to take care of.

If this is something you would like to achieve, the first step is in getting yourself familiar with your pet’s pooping habits. For instance, you need to be aware of how many times a day it poops and whether there are certain striking behaviors it displays just before it poops. There are those that tend to be hyper and overly active before they go. Or, they may dance around. 

Search for these cues that will let you know if your pet is just about ready to poop. Then, it will make the process of potty training easier. 

First, you would want to identify the area to be designated as the pooping spot. This is particularly true when it comes to outside of its cage. But, you can also consider putting your pet back inside the cage when it is showing signs of it being ready to go potty.

However, some good areas for potty include the sink or even the trash can. So, you can have these as designated pooping locations when outside of the cage.

If you see your pet go potty in the cage, be sure to praise your pet very well. Give your cockatiel some treats and verbal cues that you approve of its behavior. Say out loud and repetitively the words “go potty” once it is in the designated area and then pooped. By doing so, it will eventually associate the pooping done in designated areas with the key phrase.

Study your bird’s actions when you take it out of its cage. Check for some signs that it is about to go potty. Afterwards, take your pet to the bathroom area you have designated for it. But if your pet lacks certain behavioral cues, all you can do is to take your pet in this area or more often – about every 10 to 15 minutes.

Make it a point to keep on repeating the key phrase while at the same time holding your pet over the area that is for potty only. Once your bird does it, praise and give treats. Continue repeating this step until your pet is more consistent with pooping at the designated spot. 

It is also worth noting that your pet may be able to learn to go potty to the right place to simply relieve itself without your help. Or, it may notify you when there is a need to go potty. Then you simply have to take your pet to the designated location. Every cockatiel is different, which explains why some prefer to do it on its own while others do not. 

So, what do you do if your pet goes potty at the wrong spot? No matter what happens, never ever punish it. If you reprimand your pet, then it will only feel bad. Positive reinforcement is still the best way to go since this is how cockatiels respond better to. But you can also try to train your pet to go potty with certain materials such as paper towels and newspapers, which makes clean up easier for you. 

Potty Training A Cockatiel

Cockatiels are smart birds that can pick up new tricks so easily. This is why you can definitely potty train them at any age they may be in life. When you teach your pet the right place to go potty, it will make your life easier since you will no longer have to clean up after them a lot. 

But did you know that this habit can be developed in a couple of days? In about 72 hours, your cockatiel should learn the new command and go potty at the area designated for it to do so. However, you need to keep in mind a few important things when potty training your pet such as the frequency of pooping. 

The bird’s age, feeding habits, and other details determine signs as to when your pet is ready to go. With younger birds on formula, they tend to potty more often – about every 20 minutes. This is similar to a human baby’s potting schedule.

As for adult ones, it may be every 30 minutes to about 8 hours or so. You need to observe the frequency and time of the bowel movements but also what it dies is, since this impacts the potty schedule. 

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Final Word

A cockatiel that has been potty trained can be a delight to have at home. You need not worry about cleaning droppings of all shapes and sizes since everything is in one spot. We hope this has helped you know the steps in potty training a cockatiel and how to get started!

Just be sure to choose a designated area, observe the pooping habits, and provide positive reinforcement for a job well done! These are ways on how to strengthen good habits and trump bad ones.

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