How Often Do Cockatiels Poop? The Answer May Surprise You!

So how often do cockatiels poop, anyway? 

Owning a cockatiel is fun – and you like the fact that these birds are naturally adorable, sweet and affectionate. But at the same time, you also know that having a cockatiel can be a lot of work. 

It takes so much responsibility and keeping up with the cleanups when you have a pet – whether it is a small one such as a cockatiel. This is why it is good to understand the frequency of their pooping habits. By doing so, you know what to expect and how many times you need to clean up your pet’s cage.

Let’s get right into it.

how often do cockatiels poop

How Often Do Cockatiels Poop?

When it comes to healthy cockatiels, it takes about 18 to as much as 26 pooping times per day. Interestingly, these birds do most of the pooping in the evening, particularly at night. They do this while they are perched and sleeping. 

As for the appearance of a normal feces, this is usually tubular in shape. It is also multi-colored with some solid and has a darker portion for the soften part while the more solid one is beige or white.

However, it can be tricky to clean a cockatiel’s poop. This is particularly true when it is mostly soft. Also, if you notice some chalky or white color to the droppings, this is referred to as the urates. It is a substance commonly released by birds and a few reptiles, which is basically crystalling waste from their kidneys.

As for their urine, it is pretty much similar to a human’s. It is basically liquid but with a bit of a cloudy appearance. With a desirable color, frequency of expulsion and consistency, you can tell much about the health of a cockatiel.

As we have mentioned earlier, cockatiels can make about 26 droppings per day. This can charge, depending on the amount of food they eat and whether they are dealing with an illness. If you notice a deviation that has been occurring for several days, it is always best to contact an avian vet to get your pet checked. 

Birds also defecate while sleeping. They are perched in their similar position during the night – and stationary. So, if you notice the droppings the next day, you will find that these are pretty much in just one particular area. But in the morning, the poop may be spread out more – and this usually happens when your pet bird has been quite active and playing a lot.

A normal color of dropping  would be dark but with multiple colors. You should pay attention to the color of the dropping to determine if there are some signs of an illness. A bird’s feces gives you an idea about its health condition.

But do not be alarmed if you notice that the poop is a little darker or perhaps even with a tinge of green. What this means is that you have been giving your pet more fresh foods. However, if it is more on the pale side, then they may have simply drank more liquid.

Yet again, you would not want to see much deviation to the color of the droppings. If you observe this, as well as some changes in your pet’s behavior, then it is best to have your cockatiel diagnosed or analyzed by an avian vet. 

Unlike bigger animals, birds defecate more frequently since their digestive system functions a different way. It also depends on the size of the bird. If the bird is smaller, the droppings are also small and sometimes more frequent. Just like with sparrows, finches, and cockatiels, these small birds have tiny poops but they also defecate more often than larger birds do.

Generally, cockatiels are not messy pets. But it is all about whether the bird is sick or not. Sometimes, the poop may not only be a different color or appearance but the odor may be unlike the normal smell it used to have. This is why special care is required when you notice these signs in your pet. 

If you notice that defecating is done more frequently than your pet used to do, it may be normal unless the smell and color is off. Plus, if the texture is leaning more towards quite runny, it can be a sign of diarrhea, which can progress to dehydration when not addressed properly and quickly.

When a cockatiel has diarrhea, it can be due to poor eating habits or there may be a parasite in its body. They may also be suffering from a gastrointestinal problem, which is causing the upset stomach and excessive pooping. 

With that being said, a bird that poops much more than it used to can be battling with an illness that requires a specialist’s attention. However, you should also observe for some changes in the behavioral patterns. Sometimes too much pooping, especially when it is runny, can be a symptom of diabetes, liver or kidney disease and an imbalance in the hormones. 

But then again, there are some birds that can poop about 30 times per day without having any sickness. So, make it a point to carefully check your pet’s droppings, make sure it is still within the normal color and frequency, and then have your vet check your feathered friend if some inconsistencies are common.

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Cockatiels normally poop a few times a day. These are usually small droppings, which is perfectly normal as they are also tiny birds. The color varies depending on your pet’s diet – it can be green or dark when the diet is mostly fruits and vegetables, or the usual tubular and dark with white color when it is eating more seeds and pellets.

Be sure to pay close attention to any significant changes to your pet’s droppings to make sure everything is okay and that these shifts are not due to an illness.

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