What To Do With A Cockatiel Tail Feather Broken

A cockatiel tail feather broken appears to be hanging down. When you notice your pet’s tail looking this way, it can get quite concerning and worrisome.

So, if you suspect that your pet’s tail is injured, it is best to get it checked. 

Perhaps your pet got into an accident, which caused the tail feathers to snap. In some cases, it may not have much impact on its health and performance. Yet, in other instances, this may limit or even restrict the flying capability. 

With all these things in mind, let us look into the things you can do to help your cockatiel with a broken tail feather. Here are just some of the things worth looking into that should make your pet feel much better. Let’s get started.

cockatiel tail feather broken

Cockatiel Tail Feather Broken – What To Do

What experts suggest as a way to treat a cockatiel with a broken tail feather is to simply pull it out. 

But a word of caution – you should never do this without consulting your vet first. This is a very delicate process that can do more harm than good when you perform it the wrong way. This is why you should have an expert assist you on this task.

In case you are not sure how to go about it, then you can start by trimming your pet’s tail feathers. By the next molt, the feathers you trimmed should eventually grow back.

The good news is that broken tail feathers are not permanent. So, your pet should be able to recover from this condition eventually. It only takes proper techniques to make sure you do the right thing.

The very first step is to identify the affected tail feather. Did your bird break the outside feather? If so, this should not impact its flying capability.

But if the tail feather actually broke, you need to have a vet look into your pet’s condition. The last thing you want is to have your pet suffer from complications that come with a broken tail feather. For instance, with a broken tail feather, your pet will not be able to fly as it used to. Thus, your cockatiel will be more prone to accidents and even the risk of predators catching it.

So, how can you tell for sure that the tail is indeed broken? 

Normally, the tail feathers come with darker tips. You should be able to see if there is something broken in the feathers. This is possible to see more than the outside feathers. Additionally, if the tail feather droops or hangs down, it is likely that the tail feather is broken.

Consider spreading your pet’s feathers apart. Inspect the ends and check if the broken ends appear to be dark and not white. If so, this means it is definitely broken.

But you can also lift the tail feathers gently and observe your pet’s behavior. If your cockatiel appears to be in pain, or perhaps the tail feathers are sensitive, then you may want to wait to check and give it a rest.

Helping A Cockatiel With A Broken Tail Feather

cockatiel tail feather broken

Once you are certain that the tail feather is broken, you can take some steps to help your pet bird. Do not fret since this can easily be solved and is actually quite common to some birds. It only takes the right techniques to make sure your pet feels better sooner than later.

It is important that you provide your pet with proper nutrition. The right diet and hydration go a long way in keeping your pet healthy while trying to heal from a broken tail feather. Otherwise, your pet may be subject to complications.

Additionally, your bird needs to have ample room for moving around. If you keep your pet in a cramped space, this can prevent your cockatiel from recovering because of the stressful and crowded environment. Moreover, there is the risk of your pet getting into an accident, which can even be more problematic for your cockatiel.

The recovery period for cockatiels with a broken tail feather vary from one bird to another. Typically, it may take about a month to as long as a year for your pet to feel much better after this condition. 

Moreover, the tail feather grows back once the cockatiel molts. However, damaged tail feathers will never grow back when there are damaged follicles. So, if your pet’s tail feathers are not growing back, it is possible that they are cut very short.  This is why clipping the tail feather is not recommended and this does not serve any purpose as well.

When you want to help your cockatiel to grow its tail feather once more, the best thing to do is to clean the broken ends. When there is bacteria or dirt, this will not help your pet to fight an infection. This is why it can take longer for your pet to recover.

In case your pet has a tail bandage, make sure that you keep the features around the broken ones covered securely. By doing so, the affected feather stays clean and free from irritation and complications.

But if the broken tail feather remains exposed, then you should clean it with some dish soap and warm water. This should discourage bacteria from building up, which also prevents infections.

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Final Thoughts

Your cockatiel relies on its tail to perform a number of tasks. This also helps your pet to fly with ease and grace.

In case your cockatiel’s tail feather is broken, it may or may not be able to fly. If your pet can still fly, however, it will lack the ease and finesse it used to have. Your cockatiel will also experience a loss of balance that makes it much harder to fly. 

Typically, the tail feathers are like rear stabilizers used on planes. This is why without these feathers, your bird can fly but not very far or too long. Hence, if your pet is going through this difficulty, make sure that you provide all the right conditions for it to heal. Then, your bird should be able to have more mobility as it used to.

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