Are Parrotlets Loud? What You Never Knew About These Birds!

We have been asked a lot – are parrotlets loud?

You may be thinking of getting a new pet friend, and you have been looking into getting a parrotlet. But of course, you want to consider the noise level before you make a decision.

If you are unsure whether a parrotlet is a good fit for you, then keep reading. You may want to know more about this bird and if it is a suitable choice if you consider noise as an important issue.

are parrotlets loud

Are Parrotlets Loud?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is a yes. In fact, these birds can be very loud. They are quite talkative and some of the noisiest birds, despite their diminutive bodies. So, if you have a parrotlet in the house, you can very well count on the fact that they can be heard rather clearly no matter where you are in your home.

But at the same time, many parrotlet owners do not mind this noise level that their pets produce. They still adore their small and feisty feathered friends even if they can be a bit loud. Yet, there are those who may find their pet’s voice to be a tad overwhelming at certain times. It is only a matter of getting used to it.

So, just how loud are these birds?

According to experts, this bird species has a sound level that goes up to 90 decibels. This is pretty much the same level as a lawn mower at full blast or even a jackhammer. That’s pretty much how noisy these cuties are. 

However, there are some parrotlets that can be a bit quieter than others. For example, some have reported owning these birds that are milder in terms of their personality and quieter. It is usually not more than 80 decibels, which is similar to the traffic noise going on from around 50 feet away. Not so bad.

These birds are most certainly endearing companions. They are intelligent creatures that can be trained easily, especially if you want to teach your pet some tricks. They may be loud but the noise level is still not as bad as with a cockatoo or a macaw.

Now, if you are wondering if parrotlets are louder than budgies, well, the answer can vary. There are most certainly some cases where a budgie may be louder than a parrotlet and the other way around. After all, the word “quiet” may mean different things to anyone. Quiet may be used to describe one that does not make a single noise while others may refer to quiet as producing very minimal noise.

But if you are wondering if the parrotlet is quiet, then it is not. Without a doubt, these birds are loud. Both the parrotlet and the budgie can be quite loud although the former is just slightly quieter or at least their noise level is not as high.

There are many reasons why a parrotlet is louder than other birds. Between the budgie and a parrotlet, the latter is most definitely the more active one. They enjoy climbing and exploring their cage, as well as moving around and flapping their wings. Even when they are just perched on a branch for a while, they still like to make loud noises. 

And here is one clear reason why parrotlets are loud – their vocal chords are large, in addition to having stronger voices. They can easily allow their voices to carry through far distances, which is why you can count on them to make so much noise on any given day.

But when compared with cockatiels, parrotlets are not louder than the latter. Parrotlets have a smaller mouth and a larger lung, so the air coming from the lungs passes through the mouth quickly, and the air vibrates faster to generate more noise – but not as loud as what a cockatiel is capable of producing. 

These bird species are both loud, yet there is a difference in how their voice sounds. Cockatiels have sharper and higher pitched voices, which is why it is not as pleasant to the ears. Parrotlets are noisy but without sounding high-pitched. This is why their voices are not as irritating.

There are also some parrotlets with a fancy for screaming while others are not quite into it. But many parrotlets that refuse to talk may choose to do something likened to screaming or squawking, especially when they get startled by a crashing or loud noise. They can be loud when they are threatened, so they use the power of their noisy voices to demand your attention. 

When hungry or scared, your parrotlet can also be quite loud. Additionally, they have a tendency to be aggressive when they are going through hormonal imbalance or when experiencing threats or fears. But when they are treated kindly, then you should have no problem with these birds at all. 

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Additional Points To Know

Yes, there is no doubt that the parrotlet is one noisy bird. They love to chirp and call on you, and when they do, it can be a bit too loud. In fact, louder than what you may be comfortable to handle.

But the best thing about them is that they are not as loud when preoccupied. When they feel that they are in a safe and loving place, then they will be more mellow and in fact quieter. This is why it is important to always consider the condition of your pet and provide love and attention it needs.

When you have a happy pet parrotlet, then making noises to seek attention can be avoided. They may still call out to you when they would like to play with you or when they are hungry, but these are only normal noises that should not make you feel aggravated at all. 

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