do cockatiels need a friend
Cockatiel, Training & Behavior

Do Cockatiels Need a Friend? Understanding the Social Needs of Cockatiels

Do cockatiels need a friend? Cockatiels are highly social parrots that form close-knit flocks in the wild. As such, these intelligent feathered companions benefit greatly from the company of other cockatiels. While it’s possible to keep a solo cockatiel, providing a friend can better meet their psychological and behavioral needs. Understanding a cockatiel’s natural social […]

can you potty train a cockatiel

Can You Potty Train A Cockatiel? Steps You Can Try!

So here’s a curious question many people ask – can you potty train a cockatiel? Perhaps you are tired of seeing droppings just about anywhere in the cage. And so, you are done with the mess and would rather have your pet go potty in a certain place – and in that place alone. Is


Everything You Should Know About Cockatiel Molting

Cockatiel molting is normal and this is actually an important process that birds go through. But for new owners, they may worry when they see their pet’s feathers dropping off one by one. After all, who would want to see that gorgeous plumage shed? So, if you are not quite familiar with this process, and

cockatiel vision

Unique and Fascinating Facts About The Cockatiel Vision

Have you been wondering about how the cockatiel vision works? Maybe you are curious and looking to find out how their eyes work. Or, perhaps, you have a pet cockatiel and are looking to understand it much better. Whatever your reasons are for reading this article, we hope to help you discover all the answers

are cockatiels color blind

Are Cockatiels Color Blind? Fascinating Facts You Never Knew

Are cockatiels color blind? You have been wondering about it, which is why you are here to check out the answer.  Cockatiels are well-known for their gorgeous and colorful plumage. Yet, the question is, do they actually know the colors their feathers have? Can they see colors? If so, what colors are they capable of

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