Why Does My Cockatiel Sit On My Head? Fascinating Reasons Why!

We have heard a few people ask us this question – Why does my cockatiel sit on my head?

Birds behave in such odd ways sometimes. And you may have noticed that yourself with your pet. For instance, they love to perch on things… including your head!

This is why today, we will uncover the fascinating reasons why your pet bird may be behaving this way and why it would rather sit on your head at most times. Let’s get right into it!

why does my cockatiel sit on my head

Why Does My Cockatiel Sit On My Head?

It is not uncommon for some bird owners to notice that their pet enjoys sitting on their head. For instance, cockatiels prefer to perch on very high objects to have a better view of what’s down below. And yes, this includes your head.

But another reason they do this is they want to make sure they get the attention they seek. When your pet sits on your head, it is a potential sign of them dominating you. They may also enjoy chewing on your hair in addition to having a comfortable perch.

So for the most part, this act of sitting on your head is not exactly good or bad. Instead, it depends largely on how you feel about it and whether or not you tolerate this behavior. There may be some owners who like this habit of their pet, and so they do not mind it at all.

On the other hand, some may get annoyed by this because the last thing they want is for their pet to be the dominant one. So, they train their cockatiel to stop doing this.

But as we have said, birds naturally enjoy being at a high place. It is nothing but an instinctual preference, which allows them to survey what’s going on below. They also like to keep an eye out for some predators.

However, in the case of a cockatiel in captivity, your pet simply wants to spend time with you – they seek comfort and companionship from you. Thus, they are aware that by sitting on your head, they can get the attention they want.

Interestingly, in Ancient Egypt, this habit of sitting on one’s head is a way for cockatiels to “instruct” you. They believe that these birds serve as your spirit guide and show support and encouragement to you, which they are able to do so by sitting on the head of their owners.

It is also possible that your pet is merely showing affection to you by sitting on your head – this means that they trust you enough to do this. Moreover, it is their way of cuddling with you, or for practical reasons, they want to stay warm and obtain this from your body heat.

When your cockatiel sits on your head, it desires to create a strong bond with you. So, they want to snuggle up and seek your companionship. While it may simply want your attention, it may appear to some people as a demanding or dependent behavior.

Should You Do Something About It?

Now this brings us to the next question – should you stop your cockatiel from sitting on your head?

The answer depends on how you feel about this behavior and whether it is annoying for you or not. It is a personal choice because there are owners who are not at all flustered about this habit of their pet. If their cockatiel sits nicely and quietly on their head, then it is not a concern for them. 

However, if your pet begins to peck on your head or even pull your hair, then that is a different story. The same holds true if it beats and flaps its wings on and on – and obviously, no one would appreciate this behavior.

So, it all lies on what your pet is doing while perched on your head. If it is misbehaving and causing you some pain, then you should definitely try to do something to get it out. You also would want to train it to stop sitting on your head. Since cockatiels are trainable creatures, this is absolutely possible to do.

Your Next Steps

If you have decided that this act of sitting on your head is not acceptable, then you can try to stop your pet from sitting on your head. There are a few things you can do to make this happen.

For instance, there are owners who decide to clip their pet’s wings in the hopes of stopping them from flying and perching on their head. But it is a bit of a controversial issue since there are those who find this to be a cruel act as it eliminates the bird’s natural flight ability.

In case you would rather skip this route, then you can consider rewarding them when they sit somewhere else instead of on your head. You can give it a better perch then provide positive reinforcements that will strengthen this behavior. 

It is all about diverting their attention and providing something more enticing as a perch. Then, giving them an incentive for a job well done. Cockatiels respond better with positive reinforcements instead of punishing them.

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Final Thoughts

Cockatiels are interesting and charming birds. They are fond of their owners and can develop a strong bond with people that they like. This is why they display certain behaviors to show how much they like you – and this includes sitting on your head.

For some people, it is an endearing act as their pet only wants to snuggle with them and gain comfort in their presence. So, this is a behavior that does not bother some owners at all.

Yet, for others, it can be quite frustrating, especially if their pet pulls at their hair or pecks on their head. This is why they try to stop their pet from sitting on their head using various tactics.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how you feel about this behavior. If it bothers you, then you can train your pet to stop doing this. However, if you are okay with it, then there is no need to change this behavior as long as nobody gets hurt along the way. 

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