Is There Something Wrong With Budgie Head Feathers Up? 

Determining what’s normal and what’s not is important for every responsible pet owner – so you may wonder if a budgie head feathers up is actually good or not.

For the most part, you may actually find this kind of endearing since it does make your budgie look a little cute. It almost makes your pet look like it is sporting a mohawk. 

But at the same time, when the head feathers are puffed up like this, then you may be wondering if your pet is going through something. With all these things in mind, let us find out why this happens and whether you should be concerned or not.

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budgie head feathers up

Causes Of A Budgie Head Feathers Up

When the head feathers are up, it means that your pet’s feathers are all puffed up. For the most part, it is not something to worry about when your budgie is singing or chirping as it always does even with a puffed up head feather. 

However, you may want to look at a few things that can most certainly be a sign of a problem. Consider some symptoms of an illness that are in combination with this puffing up.

Now, some budgies tend to puff their feathers up when they want a bath, or they are trying to stay warm, or when they straighten out their feathers. They may also puff up whenever excited, showing off, or expressing discomfort. 

If your pet is feeling cold, then one way to quickly keep warm is by puffing up the feathers including the ones on the head. This allows for keeping the warmer air trapped in those little spaces between the feathers circulating. Therefore, they are able to retain their body heat and not feel cold.

Additionally, your budgie may be asking to get a bath if you see the feathers puffing up. But then again, not all budgies love their baths. There are those that like it while others are not too eager to get bathed. Either way, they will puff their feathers up when they would like a bath or not at all. 

But for the most part, budgies that love to groom themselves or are eager for a bath usually puff their head feathers up before they get all cleaned up. 

Now, some budgies simply puff up when they want to straighten their feathers up. They may not feel too comfortable in some areas of their feathers, which is why a very quick ruffle and puff usually helps to easily move these feathers. Then, they should be able to ward off the odd feeling. 

Other Reasons Why For A Budgie Head Feathers Up

Another fascinating thing about budgies is that they are quite social creatures. They often let their feathers do the communicating for them, which is why it is also good to observe and study their gestures to have a better understanding of what they are trying to say.

For instance, some budgies puff their feathers up when they want to communicate. They may puff up while at the same time tucking one foot in the chest then close its eye as a sign of satisfaction and ease.

But when you have a highly excitable budgie, or your pet wants to impress another bird, then the feathers will immediately puff up. It is their way of attracting the other one, which they do so by puffing up their feathers with the hopes of getting noticed.

Yet, there are more serious reasons why a budgie’s head feathers may puff up. There are birds that puff their head feathers up because they are sick. But you need to look for common symptoms and signs that come with this, so you can be certain that it is indeed the issue. 

For instance, puffing up in combination with symptoms such as lethargy, sneezing, weight loss, excessive sleeping, and heavy breathing may typically signal a problem. The same holds true with weight loss. So, if you notice these signs aside from the feathers puffing up, you may want to get your pet checked by an avian vet.

If you don’t see signs of illness, yet your budgie puffs its feathers up, it may simply be a sign of attracting the opposite sex and trying to mate. This is often in combination with a few signs such as singing and chirping. When they are making a lot of sounds aside from puffing up their feathers, this means that they want to be noticed by its potential mate.

Should You Be Worried?

Considering these numerous reasons behind the head feathers puffing up, you may be asking yourself if it is a sign of a problem and whether you should be concerned or not.

If you notice some signs of health issues as we have mentioned above, then that is certainly something that requires medical attention.

But you can also check for a few other symptoms that are associated with puffy feathers among budgies. It can also be associated with hypothermia and heat stroke, especially, when the cage temperature is very high all the time. These birds thrive in a tropical climate but too hot of a temperature is never a good thing. So, you need to make sure the ambient temperature remains favorable.

You would not want to risk the possibility of hypothermia, which can quickly kill your pet in about fifteen minutes! Budgies are okay with temperatures up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit but the most optimal choice is something moderate. This is why you should check for signs of overheating including puffing feathers, panting and holding the wings away from their body.

Be sure to act quickly if you observe these signs since as we have mentioned, heat stroke can easily cause trouble to your pet. The same with hypothermia when the temperature goes way down low and hard for your budgie to handle.

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Bottom Line

A budgie with head feathers up may appear adorable but there are definitely more reasons behind this puffing up than just trying to look cute. Watch out for other symptoms associated with puffing up to make sure your pet stays safe at all times.

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