Budgie Wings Slightly Open? Interesting Reasons Not Everyone Knows!

Not really sure about the reason behind a budgie wings slightly open?

Some birds spread their wings wide while others appear to only keep it open slightly. Now, this may be a baffling behavior and may even make you worry about your pet.

So, if you are uncertain why your pet is only keeping the wings slightly open – yet not really flying after doing this – here are the possible causes you might want to know. 

budgie wings slightly open

Budgie Wings Slightly Open – Common Reasons

For the most part, budgies have their wings slightly open as a means of regulating their temperature. They may also do this to stretch a bit, and they may eventually spread their wings for a bigger, longer stretch!

Now, there are budgies that hold their wings just slightly open to sunbathe. They may fluff their feathers up, or sometimes only one or both of their wings are extended from their body. These birds love the morning sun and its warmth. So, they try to get their sunbathing time each day to maintain insulation. 

Most birds, including budgies, prefer to keep cool during the night. Yet, once daylight comes, they want to get all the chill out of their body by sunbathing. This is particularly true among birds that are in a cooler climate and wanting to maintain warmth in their body without using up too much energy from the food they eat.

Additionally, your budgie may simply be trying to dry its feathers, which explains why its wings are only slightly open. Perhaps the feathers got damp and this makes flying a little trickier. Thus, it opens its wings slightly to allow the feathers to dry and eliminate the weight that water does to it.

Quirky Reasons Why Your Budgie’s Wings Are Slightly Open

Now, it is also fascinating to note that there are a few other interesting reasons behind this situation. Some budgies do this as a way of begging. Perhaps it is trying to get some attention from you. Or maybe they need more water, treats, or food.

In other cases, your budgie may be frustrated or bored. But do take note that there are other signs of boredom in budgies in addition to holding their wings slightly open such as pulling their feathers out and shrieking. Others may even resort to destructive behavior, which is unpleasant to deal with.

If you notice that your pet is also scratching quite often while holding the wings out, then it may be suffering from an itch. There may be mites in there, and your pet is attempting to stay cool as it soothes the bites. 

But if this situation tends to happen only during the summer – or at least, it is more frequent during this season – then your pet may simply be trying to cool down. 

Other Reasons For A Slightly Opened Wings In Budgies

When your pet is out in the sun and enjoying the warmth, it holds its wings out slightly to preen and maintain its feathers’ health. The heat from the sun aids in spreading preen oil throughout its body, which helps to reduce parasites and lice that cause diseases.

Thanks to the sun’s heat, parasites relocate in other parts of the body. Then, your pet will be able to spot these easily and get rid of them more efficiently.

Other than being a hygiene problem, lice issues with birds have a few other consequences. Lice causes them some difficulties in finding mates. Their plumage dulls up when they have lice, and more often than not, lice also require more preening on their part.

But they also preen to allow oil to be properly distributed to their feathers. Then, this oil is turned into vitamin D, which is good for their organs, feather health, skin and hormone balance. 

Molting And Keeping Wings Slightly Open

Sometimes, this situation is necessary for budgies to realign all of their features. They hold their wing to keep the feather straight, which then minimizes the discomfort linked with molting. This refers to the shedding of old feathers, so that fresh plumage can take over. It takes about 2 weeks even to a few years for the entire molting process to complete.

Now, birds lose and gain their feathers in a gradual process. It is also symmetrical, which means each side has an equal loss. It tends to begin at the neck and head, then goes down their back, the thighs and chest, and all the way down to their tail feathers. 

Pinfeathers are new feathers that replace the old ones. These will eventually grow in the sequence that they were shed. If you see pinfeathers in your budgie, be sure to let it grow. Never pull it out with the exception of it bleeding and broken. 

Molting typically happens when the seasons change. But it can also be due to cooler temperatures and shorter daylight. But in other budgies, molting happens because of stress or when these birds are ill. They may also molt because of dehydration or malnutrition.

And lastly, budgies open their wings slightly when they want to get a good stretch. Just like with humans, stretching helps to refresh the muscles, improve blood circulation, and relieve tension in the body. But if you notice that your pet raises its shoulders while holding the wings out, it is a sign of satisfaction. Your pet is happy and content – so nothing to worry about this gesture at all!

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons behind a budgie wings slightly open. It may be a sign of boredom or loneliness, perhaps your pet is craving some of your attention, or it can be as simple as stretching or sunbathing. But if this action is accompanied by some worrisome symptoms such as vomiting, appetite loss, limping, and signs of pain, it is best to consult your avian vet for further evaluation of your pet.

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