Can Budgies Sleep With Noise? Cool Facts You Never Knew!

So, can budgies sleep with noise?

Perhaps you are looking to own a budgie but are worried that it might not be able to sleep well if there is noise everywhere in your area.

Furthermore, you may want to give your pet the most ideal environment, so you want to make sure that it is optimal for your budgie’s comfort and peace of mind.

If you are wondering whether your budgie can sleep with noise or not, keep reading to find out more about the answer to this question. Let’s jump right into it.

can budgies sleep with noise

Can Budgies Sleep With Noise?

Normally, you can find budgies to be cheery. They love to act playfully, knock around their toys, and chirp when they are happy. This is why you may assume that your pet thrives on noise – that it is not at all bothered by sounds.

After all, they seem to create a lot of noise, don’t they?

However, like humans, budgies need some silence at night. This enables them to sleep better and feel more well rested the next day. When there is too much noise and commotion, they can be restless and stressed.

With that being said, it is not ideal to keep your pet’s cage close to the loud television or radio. It is also best to avoid areas that have high foot traffic or where people talk loudly all day. Otherwise, your budgie may not be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

When budgies sleep, they may stay in a state of being half asleep due to their unihemispheric slow-wave or non rapid eye movement sleep. This is natural to these birds, which allow them to quickly detect if there are predators nearby and flee immediately. 

Furthermore, this state also helps them to do better in a quiet neighborhood or location, so they are able to sleep well even with minimal noise. 

Yet, overall, these are adaptable and versatile creatures. Thus, they should quickly adapt to any environment even when there is a bit of noise around. However, if the TV noise is not loud at all, then your budgie should be fine with it. This is why you should be able to keep the cage in the same room.

When your pet sleeps through consistent or moderate noise at night, they are able to rest while staying ready for predators. Their unique way of sleeping also enables them to naturally block out disturbing sounds present at any time of the day or not. But if you could control it, we recommend that you minimize the tone and be sure it is not a sudden sound.

Helping Your Budgie Sleep

During nighttime, it may help if you put your budgie in the right space by quieting things down. If you can minimize some noise, then you should do so. Otherwise, it triggers night fright, and the last thing you want is to have your pet panic and get stressed because of such noises.

When available, you may want to expose your pet to certain ambient noises in the room. These include some nature sounds, gentle wind noises in the trees, and perhaps even animal calls. These are always helpful in putting your pet’s mind at ease since this is what wild budgies often hear in the forest. 

Moreover, they are not at all disturbing sounds and even quieter than what they hear in the city. But during daytime, it does not bother budgies at much when they hear TV noises or some guests chatting. It is not a concern to your pet.

However, it changes completely when darkness falls. Since your pet may have poor vision in the dark, these noises can be perceived as threats or sounds by predators. This is particularly true since your pet is not clearly seeing where the noise is coming from.

This is why your pet may get startled and wake from its sleep, especially when the sound gets louder and more intense. A sudden roar of laughter or even a clinking of glass can cause disturbance to your pet that is trying to sleep at night. 

Although they can naturally tolerate some noise during the day, it is a different story at night. Now, if you plan on turning the TV on at night and wondering if this will disturb your pet, the answer is a no.

Your pet may simply consider this noise as white noise, especially when the noise is minimal and not at all disturbing. But it is not the case with loud sounds, perhaps noise coming from a gunshot in a violent movie, which can cause fear to your pet. These noises may be perceived as predator sounds, which puts your budgie in a frenzy.

So, if you are looking to watch some exciting shows at night with loud noise to be expected, it is best to either wear earphones or reduce the volume. 

Additionally, it is not just the sound but also the blue light, which your TV screen emits. It can interrupt the sleep cycle of your pet as the light can be perceived differently. Your budgie may think it is already daytime, hence, it will feel tired during the day because of a lack of sleep.

If you have some music playing, particularly soothing and mellow music, it should be perfectly fine. The soothing sound of the piano or violin when kept at a low volume is very much appreciated by these birds.

But in the case of fast-paced and loud music, your pet is unable to relax and sleep well. So, it is best to avoid these sounds at night for the sake of your budgie’s good night’s sleep. 

And lastly, fan noise can be a bit distracting to budgies. They like to sleep with an optimal temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, yet they also prefer a quiet place to sleep well. So, these are important things to keep in mind when you have a fan in the room.

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Wrap Up

So, can budgies sleep with noise? It really depends on the type of noise and how loud. Ambient nature noise is usually well-tolerated but distracting ones coming from a loud TV, fast-paced song, and a fan’s loud sounds are not ideal if you want to make sure your budgie gets a good night’s sleep.

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