Budgie Losing Feathers Around Bum? Here’s Why!

Do you have a budgie losing feathers around bum area?

This is concerning for many owners, especially if all of a sudden, their pet budgie is showing signs of losing feathers. Thus, it is important to check if there is anything wrong with its health – and if there are other symptoms involved.

If you are wondering what you need to do as an owner, then it is best to keep reading to learn more about what to expect and the next steps to take. Here is everything you need to know about your pet losing feathers around the bum area and the steps you need to take.

budgie losing feathers around bum

Causes Of Budgie Losing Feathers Around Bum

Are you concerned that your budgie is losing feathers around the bum?

First of all, you need to take into account the age of your budgie. This is an important factor to consider since when your pet is getting older, then it is possible for it to lose its feathers – not just around the bum but also elsewhere.

Additionally, you need to look into your pet’s diet. If your budgie suddenly has a different diet from what it is used to, then it can also have an impact on its health. This is why you need to make sure that you keep your pet on a balanced and healthy diet. Otherwise, this can most definitely affect the quality of its feathers.

Now, if your pet is mainly on a diet involving pellets, seeds, and cuttlebone, yet the feather loss continues, it may be necessary to look further into what is going on with it. For example, some budgies may be battling with a cloacal prolapse, but a closer look at its condition is always important before you make any diagnosis.

Cloaca is a vent in birds, which is basically an opening that allows it to excrete urine and feces. When your pet is suffering from cloacal prolapse, the inside of your bird tends to push out. It is also kind of like a hemorrhoid or what is popularly coined as the red bottom in birds. While this condition is often taken lightly by some owners, it can actually be an emergency case.

This is why the budgie needs to be taken to a vet to have a professional look into its condition further. In fact, medical intervention is necessary to make sure there are no complications that may arise. Otherwise, things such as feather loss around the bum, among other issues, can arise.

Furthermore, there may be a need to have your cloaca replaced. Keep in mind that this organ needs to be inside instead of outside, which is why it is not ideal that your pet is continuing to go through this abnormal condition. 

We would also like to stress the fact that cloacal prolapse can sometimes be linked with tumors or parasite infections with birds. Even some nutritional issues can result in this condition, which is why it is vital for your pet to have the right diet and proper supplements when necessary.

If your pet continues to suffer from cloacal prolapse and feather loss around the bum, then it may become weaker and weaker over time. Affected organs may also weaken, which can lead to complications.

When this happens, your vet will prescribe further checks and diagnosis such as a fecal examination, X-rays and also a blood chemistry. All of these things help in looking closely to what is happening to your pet’s key organs.

Moreover, there may be a need for surgery, especially if you want to completely get rid of the problem. This stitch is called purse string suture that is done to your pet’s vent area, which helps in holding it in. While it is not exactly a total cure for your budgie, it does provide some improvement. 

You still have to keep monitoring your pet carefully, though. Sometimes, a change in the diet may be needed. In most cases, birds are prescribed a completely pelleted diet to help support a quicker recovery.

In the event that the prolapse persists or recurs, it is possible for your avian vet to recommend surgical de-sexing of your pet. Do take note that this is quite an invasive procedure that involves some complications. Additionally, experts agree that this is quite a dangerous procedure, although it may be the most effective solution. 

If your pet is recommended to undergo this surgery, then it will be prescribed an antibiotic along with it. This should support its healing and recovery while at the same time preventing some complications and further infections that may arise. 

As for nutrition, pellets are recommended as this assists not only with the recovery process but in ensuring the stable condition of your pet. Some other foods that are ideal for budgies who have undergone surgery and in need of nutritional support for recovery include dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, melons, whole wheat couscous, quinoa, and the like. You can also give some good fats such as olive oil, canola oil but never give fried foods that will make its condition worse.

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A budgie losing feathers around bum can involve a host of symptoms and some complications. This is why if your pet is going through this condition, you need to have an avian vet assess its symptoms and determine what may be causing it.

Most importantly, proper diet and supplementation can help in allowing your pet to recover and overcome this condition. Be sure to speak with your vet to know what foods are ideal for your pet and those that need to be avoided as they only make the condition worse.

We hope this post has been helpful for you in determining the possible cause of this feather loss around the bum and the things you can do to help your pet who is going through this condition.

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