Parakeet Puffed Up And Died – Common Causes You Never Knew

You may have seen a parakeet puffed up and died – and this is most definitely concerning to many owners.

Or perhaps, you may have noticed that your pet’s feathers are all puffed up and this worries you – especially if it may be a sign of something serious.

When it comes to a budgie’s health, there are a number of illness symptoms to observe. They may also be dying and very sick, which is why you want to be on top of these symptoms. By doing so, you can prevent the worst from happening and make sure your pet is perfectly okay.

Today, we will address this issue with parakeets puffing up and whether you should be concerned about it – particularly when others have observed this with their pet that eventually died.

parakeet puffed up and died

Parakeet Puffed Up And Died

When birds are sick, there are many symptoms that you can most definitely observe. One of these is when the feathers get all puffed up, which may be a sign of a problem while in other cases, it may be nothing. 

Generally, birds are good at hiding their symptoms. You will not easily know if they are sick since this is their way of protecting themselves from predators in their natural habitat. Yet, when the puffing up is a sign of a serious health issue, it may even be a signal that your pet is about to die.

Thus, you may want to closely observe these symptoms to see if there is something to be seriously concerned about. Sometimes, the puffing up may quickly end up so bad that your pet is already dying. In fact, birds can rapidly fall ill and then die in just a few hours. This is why we highly recommend that you contact your avian vet when you observe such signs of a problem. 

By doing so, you may be able to save the life of your pet instead of allowing it to wither and die in just a matter of minutes,

When birds are sick and are about to die, you may find their feathers appearing puffed up. This is a normal tendency for birds, especially when they feel some draft or cool air coming on. So, if your pet is only puffing up its feathers for a short time, there is nothing to be concerned about.

However, if it is persistent and the puffing up is followed by other symptoms, then you would want to get your pet checked by a vet sooner than later.

It is possible that your pet is puffing up its feathers because it is fighting some kind of a disease or a fever. Another sign of an illness with birds, especially those that are about to die, is a poor quality of feathers. 

You may notice that your pet is starting to lose feathers, as well as a dry and scaly underlying skin. When this is the case, your pet may be battling with a parasitic infection. Additionally, the feathers may appear dull and discolored. Instead of having vibrant colors, the feathers will start to look pale and with a disheveled look on the feathers’ edges.

There are also some parakeets that may develop some cysts from the feathers. These may have been ingrown, yet it is not always very easy to see these cysts unless you feel the lumps forming on the skin. Furthermore, birds may pick their feathers out because of stress. Some other symptoms may also be present, which pinpoint the possibility of severe distress, pain and discomfort.

Aside from the feathers puffing up, you may want to check for a few other symptoms, which are signs that your pet may be dying:

Other Symptoms To Look For

When you notice a discharge around the ears, cere, and eyes of your budgie, it is most definitely very ill. In addition to the discharge, the areas may be quite swollen and even discolored. Look for additional symptoms such as sneezing.

Aside from the feathers puffing up, your pet parakeet may be shivering and shaking. This means that your budgie is suffering from hypothermia, which is why you need to keep it warm. There are even other birds that have tremors and may be falling and trembling, as well as spinning around while attempting to move. This may look like a seizure but in reality, there is something worse that is happening.

Your pet may be suffering from labored breathing, which is accompanied by clicking noises and wheezing. If you notice these signs, then there is no doubt that your parakeet is suffering from some very serious health issues and may even be on the brink of dying. 

Sometimes, labored breathing may appear as though your pet is yawning. This is because the beak or mouth stays open, which they do because of some breathing difficulties. But there are other signs to look out for such as the tail bobbing as they take deep breaths. 

Respiratory infections and infestation of air sac mites are very serious problems that can also be fatal to your pet. 

Now, when you notice that your pet is losing its appetite and refusing to eat, there is no doubt that it is not feeling well. A serious medical condition may be well on its way, or your pet has been fighting this problem for a while now. So, the feathers seem puffed up and if you fail to address these symptoms early on, your parakeet may simply die. 

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Wrapping Up

A parakeet puffed up and died may happen when there are several other symptoms involved, which signal a very serious health problem with your pet. Be sure to keep an eye out for these other symptoms and do the best you can to provide immediate medical attention, so your pet can be spared from danger and even death.

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