Why Does My Budgie Face The Wall? Here’s Why!

“Why does my budgie face the wall?”

Some of our readers ask us this question because they have observed their pet to do this a lot. Or perhaps their budgies have a tendency to prefer facing the wall at certain times of the day.

Now, you may be curious yourself, or you would like to know if this constant facing the wall is an odd thing for your budgie to do.

Well, we uncover the real reason behind this strange behavior, so you can determine once and for all if it is just one of those idiosyncrasies birds have or if you should be concerned. Let’s jump right into it.

why does my budgie face the wall

Why Does My Budgie Face The Wall?

Now, there are a number of reasons why your budgie chooses to face the wall. Here are the different possibilities that you may have been curious to know:

1. Your budgie is afraid

When you have just adopted your budgie, it is trying to get used to its new environment. This is why it may be feeling a little scared or uneasy about the new surroundings it is seeing. Moreover, your pet may feel somewhat intimidated because it is not used to the change of location.

With that in mind, all you need to do is to give your pet some time to adjust. It may take some time for budgies to become accustomed to their new home but that is fine. Give your pet the assurance that it is in a safe and loving environment. Speak kindly and softly to your budgie and avoid any loud noises that will trigger more fear to your pet.

2. Your pet may be a bit temperamental.

Just like humans, budgies can have their moods, too. But it is not about you, of course, unless you really did something that made them feel bad. If you are certain that you did not hurt or cause pain or anger to your budgie, then just allow this mood to pass.

When a budgie faces the wall, it is kind of like having a child with his or her back turned to you. But give it some time and your pet will be chatting with you again and perching on your shoulder!

3. Your budgie is bored

This is often the case with a solo budgie alone in the cage. As you know, these birds are very social. They love having company and can get quite bored and lonely without another bird with them.

If you are often away, then this will make the boredom and loneliness even worse. This is why instead of playing with its toys, you may see your budgie would rather face the wall. It may even start chatting with its shadow when faced on the wall, thinking that it is another fellow budgie with it.

When you have a mirror close to the cage, then your budgie will even choose to face the mirror more often. This is what happens with a bored and sad budgie – it will do anything to find a way to try to have a conversation with someone – even if it is the wall or the mirror!

So, what can you do? Well, you can get your pet a friend. Perhaps another budgie would prevent this constant facing on the wall. Instead of conversing with the wall, your pet would rather socialize with a real, live bird in the same cage.

Furthermore, it is not ideal for budgies to become depressed, anyway. When your pet does not have interest in the loads of toys and perches in its cage, maybe it is time to upgrade to a bigger cage and get a pet friend for it.

Should You Be Concerned?

If your budgie is facing the wall a lot as a result of being in a new home, then all you can do is to give it time to get used to the new environment. It is something that you cannot speed up – the process of adjusting to a new home takes some time. But you can most certainly help by providing love, care, and attention to your pet.

Budgies are afraid of bright lights, loud sounds, and some threatening figures that make them feel unsafe. So, if their cage is directly facing a very bright light, or you have its cage placed in a highly-trafficked area at home, it may be worth changing up the location into something that has a more soothing feel to it.

This will allow your pet to transition to its new home and eventually choose to face the room instead of the wall.

But if the cause of facing the wall is due to sadness and boredom, then you should try to do something to make it happier. A happy budgie is one that is chirping a lot, nibbling throughout its day, and playing – always on the go! So, if you have a sad budgie that does not have any interest in playing, eating, and facing you, then it may be lonely and even suffering from depression.

So, if you cannot be present for long hours at home or spend quality time with your pet, then you should consider getting another budgie as company. You need to make sure that the cage is large enough to accommodate two budgies. Otherwise, it may spark another issue with the space being too crowded and not enough for them.

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There are a few reasons why your budgie may have a fancy for facing the wall. It may be due to fear, loneliness, or boredom, as we have mentioned above. This is why it is best to determine the real cause of this behavior, so you can provide the right solution for it.

Depending on the reason why your pet is facing the wall, it may be helpful to consider our recommendations, so you can have a happier and healthier pet that thrives in all aspects of its life. 

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