Parrotlet Vs Budgie – Know The Differences Between Them!

You may be wondering which bird is better as a pet, and so we came up with this parrotlet vs budgie comparison for you!

These are two of the most popular bird species that humans love to have as pets. And we are not surprised – they are sweet, affectionate, and have a lot of character!

So, if you cannot decide which bird species to get, or you are simply curious about these birds, then let’s get to know them better in this post. Today, we’ll talk about the differences between the two and which one is more suitable depending on your needs. 

parrotlet vs budgie

Parrotlet Vs. Budgie: All You Should Know About The Parrotlet

First, let’s talk about the parrotlet. As the name implies, it is a small parrot – in fact, the smallest! It is native to South and Central America, and this bird species thrives in the rainforest.

The parrotlet is intelligent. If it were a dog, it is quite like a Chihuahua – small but feisty. It is always ready to take on real or imagined foes. This is why if you are an experienced pet bird owner, you may have no problem with this personality. You also need to keep it well socialized to prevent it from developing undesirable habits such as nipping.

Since it is a clever little bird, it needs a lot of mental stimulation. This way, it will not easily get bored. So, you need to provide some puzzle activities, perches, and toys that will keep it well-occupied and prevent it from becoming too feisty.

As for training a parrotlet, it is actually quite easy since it is inherently curious and intelligent. You may want to use some treats to motivate it, but the goal is to provide positive reinforcement and be consistent throughout the training process. You can even teach your pet some words since it can easily pickup what it hears.

When it comes to health, this bird loves a comfortable temperature – not too hot, not too cold. They love a tropical environment, considering its natural habitat. You also want the area to be free from draft and avoid places that can be too cold for your pet.

If you like to have another pet bird, then you may want to rethink getting a parrotlet since it prefers to be alone. However, if you do get your pet a companion, it should be just one as it can also do well as a pair. 

Clean the cage regularly to make sure there are no bacteria or fungi thriving in it. Provide good quality food and keep the diet well-balanced. Water is also important to prevent your pet from getting dehydrated. 

Give your pet a large and spacious cage since it does not do well in a cramped area. It needs good quality perches for its exercise, preferably in various diameters and heights to let your pet explore and have fun.

Parrotlet Vs. Budgie: All About The Budgie

The budgie is another popular pet bird species that is common in Australia. It thrives in a drier environment and can be quite inexpensive to own. 

These birds are sweet and friendly. They have a good sense of humor and can easily amuse you because of their silly antics. Aside from being playful, fun and funny, they are also easy to get along with. In fact, they can bond quickly with their owners and household members. 

They are active birds just like the tiny parrotlet. However, they are not as feisty. These birds are chatty and cheery most of the time. But they do like to have a companion in the cage, or at least when it gets to spend more time with you. 

Budgies are noisy sometimes but the voice is not very loud unlike the parrotlet. You cannot expect the budgie to scream in a shrill tone. In case you notice that your budgie is far too noisy, you can tone down the activity by putting a cover on the cage at night, which should also allow it to rest.

Like we have mentioned, we recommend that you interact with your budgie on a daily basis, especially if it does not have a companion. They also need exercise daily, and you can provide this by giving toys and perches to your pet. Otherwise, your pet budgie may end up becoming obese and unhealthy. 

Now, with training a budgie, it can be simple. You can also teach it some words but because of the scratchy quality of a budgie’s voice, you may have some difficulty understanding what it says. But these birds are relatively smart and possess some problem-solving skills, which is why you may want to secure the cage as it can most definitely figure out an effective way to break out!

With its positive demeanor, you should not have any problem with training or getting along well with your budgie. 

For the most part, the budgie is a hardy bird. The most important thing is you don’t have the cage close to drafts. Water and fresh food are also important, and you may want to give it some millet sprig as something to gnaw on once in a while. A cuttlebone is another good thing to provide to give it some calcium while polishing the beak. 

Toys are just as important to a budgie as to a parrotlet. Both are smart birds that need mental stimulation, which also prevents them from getting bored and plucking their feathers out. 

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Bottom Line

Overall, the parrotlet and budgie are good options for pet birds. But the parrotlet is more chatty and feisty, which makes it better for experienced bird owners. As for those who need a first-time pet bird, a budgie is more suitable because of its gentle demeanor. 

But either way, these are both excellent birds to own, and you can expect to have a wonderful time keeping them as pets!

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